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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is in which your websites are hosted along with several other users websites on a server. Since you are sharing the server with other customers of your web hosting company it’s called shared web hosting service. In shared web hosting service each customer is given his own web hosting account with a control panel by the web hosting provider. Among all the types of web hosting services like Reseller web hosting, VPS server web hosting, Dedicated server web hosting and Cloud server web hosting; shared web hosting service is the cheapest. Shared web hosting service is divided into two types depending on the software the servers use: Those are Linux shared web hosting and Windows shared web hosting. Most of the websites use Linux shared web hosting and you will have to choose Windows shared web hosting if your website needs windows functionality. There are several web hosting companies out there which offer affordable and reliable shared web hosting services. Web hosting companies like Hostgator and BlueHost are good examples for affordable and reliable web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is nothing but a service which keeps your websites alive on the internet for visitors to visit and read the content on your websites. A company which offers web hosting service to your websites keeps all your files on their server which is located in a data center with all amenities like a fast internet connection etc. Visitors can simply enter your websites web address (like in the browser and hit the enter button which takes them to your websites. Web hosting companies take all precautions like securing your websites with a firewall and all other security measures. You should have your own domain name and a web hosting service to have your own website on the web.

Web hosting service is divided into two kinds 1. Linux web hosting and 2. Windows web hosting. Websites which need Linux functionality will have to use Linux web hosting (most websites on the web use Linux hosting) and websites which need Windows functionality (like .asp websites) will have to use Windows web hosting. Based on the resources you get web hosting is divided in to a few types. Those are Shared web hosting, Reseller web hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting, Dedicated server web hosting and Cloud server web hosting. Out of all those shared web hosting is the cheapest and widely used for new websites with little daily traffic.