A2Hosting CMS Hosting Review

A2Hosting Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrations company also offers CMS Hosting to their customers. CMS Stands for Content Management System and popular software scripts like Joomla, Drupal, Mambo etc come under CMS. Although it is not a separate hosting service for CMS scripts all the web hosting services offered by A2Hosting are optimized and support for the CMS. All the shared web hosting plans “Lite”, “Swift” and “Turbo” are optimized for the CMS Hosting and you can start your first CMS based website for a mere (starting from) $3.92 per month (Shared “Lite” plan, was $7.99, use the Discount Coupon Code “QUICK51” to get 51% off on your first invoice payment) and later upgrade your account to a VPS or Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server depending on your website size and system resources required. Some of the features that come with A2Hosting CMS Hosting are Turbo Option – Up To 20X Faster, A2 Optimized – Site Boost Option, US, European & Asian Locations, Unlimited Storage & Transfer, 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support, 1-Click Software Installs, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Anytime Money Back Guarantee etc. For better performance you’d better choose Shared “Turbo” plan because it comes with Turbo Server: Up To 20X Faster Page Loads and A2 Optimized Caching – Pre-Configured Site Boost and later upgrade to higher web hosting plans like VPS or Dedicated Server as the need arises.

Some of the Content Management Systems (CMS) A2Hosting supports are “WordPress” (While WordPress began as a blogging system, it has since evolved to a full content management system. WordPress is highly extensible thanks to thousands of plugins and widgets created by a dedicated community of users), “Joomla” (Joomla is a mobile-ready and open source CMS. This user-friendly CMS offers thousands of features and designs to help you build and maintain a successful site), “Drupal” (Drupal is a free software package allowing you to easily organize, manage and publish your content thanks to its limitless customization options. Choosing Drupal means you’re developing in a community backed by 1 million developer and users), “B2evolution” (B2evolution is a strong foundation for building your website. Once you have installed it, B2evolution easily lets you include blogs, pages, photo galleries, forums, online manuals and more on your website), “Concrete5” (Concrete5 provides the best of both worlds by focusing on both the developer and site owner needs. Concrete5 offers an in-context toolbar editor that makes it easy to make changes as you navigate the live version of your site), “CMS Made Simple” (CMS Made Simple is an open source content management system providing faster and easier management of your website’s content. CMS Made Simple provides ideal scalablility for small to large businesses), “Pligg” (Most content management systems are designed to only be used by a few editors. Not Pligg CMS. It was designed to be used for a large number of contributors to make it  submit and moderate content. Registered users and even visitors can be in control of your site’s content), “Bolt” (Bolt strives to be “Easy for editors, and a developer’s dream CMS” by being as user-friendly as possible. Bolt makes it easy to add content and create attractive sites with elegant templates), “ocPortal” (ocPortal is the versatile CMS for next generation websites. ocPortal has all the features you’d expect from a CMS while maintaining the highest accessibility and professional standards), “PHP-Fusion” (PHP-Fusion is a lightweight CMS created to simplify the making of complex websites. With “infusions”, PHP-Fusion can easily be extended to meet a user’s needs), “Contao” (Formerly known as TYPOlight, Contao is a CMS designed for medium to large websites. Contao is designed for users who want an easy maintainable solution for creating a professional web presence), “RazorCMS” (RazorCMS is a file based CMS used for creating a website in a graphical manner without a separate database. razorCMS gave you base functionality required to power your site and the ability to add the extra functionality as necessary with their blade pack management system), “Mambo” (Mambo is the CMS developed for the masses. It’s easy to administer and most importantly it’s reliable. Mambo doesn’t even require HTML knowledge to operate once you have added it to your account) etc.

Some of the other CMS’ A2Hosting supports and provides in their web hosting plans are “SilverStripe” (SilverStripe is an intuitive CMS preferred by both content editors and developers. SilverStripe features everything you need to give your web team the tools to succeed), “Mahara” (Mahara is a full featured web application designed to help your build your electronic portfolio. Easily create journals, upload files, embed social media resources and more from within Mahara), “e107” (e107 is a powerful CMS designed for bootstrap. It is the perfect solution for the responsive web of today), “Xoops” (Xoops object orientation makes it the perfect solution for small or large community sites, corporate portals, blogs and much more. It’s fully extensible design means modules can be easily added with a click within the XOOPS module control panel), “PyroCMS” (PyroCMS is used by individuals, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large organizations located worldwide. PyroCMS is used to easily build a variety of websites. PyroCMS makes it easy to build your site with a large selection of modules, themes and addons), “Bigace” (Bigace is an SEO optimized, professional grade content management system designed for the user, designer and developer. Its powerful backend puts you in complete control of the layout and site content), “PHP Melody” (PHP Melody is the orginal video CMS solution. PHP Melody has got you covered whether you need a powerful video publishing platform or a simple video gallery), “Symphony CMS” (Symphony CMS is an elegant, flexible, powerful and extensible content management system. It is a minimal CMS using XML and XSLT as its backbone), “ExpressionEngine” (ExpressionEngine is carefully crafted by their team of committed developers within an open source foundation. ExpressionEngine’s code base is completely open, transparent, and extensible), “Plone” (Plone is a CMS built on top of Zope application server. Plone is an enterprise CMS most commonly used for intranets and for managing the web presence of large organizations. (Plone requires a VPS)), “PHP-Nuke” (PHP-Nuke is a CMS and portal solution featuring web-based administration, surveys, customizable blocks, modules and themes with multilanguage support. PHP-Nuke provides control of your web site for a completely interactive website), “Perch” (Perch is a simple CMS designed for web professionals. Easily customize your install with Perch components. Perch is the preferred choice of thousands of web designers and developers for small and large sites alike), “Modx” (Modx is content management platform for users who want a a truly exceptional user experience. Modx provides complete control over your site and content as well as flexibility and scalability necessary for adapting to your changing needs) etc.

So far you have seen the CMS offered by A2Hosting.com CMS Hosting and their features etc. But before you decide to pay for A2Hosting CMS Hosting services you may need to do some research about the quality of the web hosting services offered by the company to make sure you are choosing the right company for your CMS Hosting needs. First you need to check if the company offers any money back guarantee like 30 days money back guarantee or 45 days money back guarantee (the company offers anytime money back guarantee, but please check their guarantee terms and policies and also contact their support to learn more about the Anytime money back guarantee). The money back guarantee gives you peace of mind and lets you test the quality of the web hosting services offered within the guarantee period and then decide for yourself whether to continue using the services or quit and look somewhere else. Second you need to check if the company offers any uptime guarantee like 99.9% uptime guarantee or more. You should choose a web host which offers a minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee as it has become the quality standard in the web hosting industry. Having more uptime means your websites are available online to web users most of the time which means more sales, leads or user activity on your websites. Also for your websites to be properly indexed by search engines they need to be online most of the time. If your websites are offline and down when the search engine bots come and visit them, then they may probably index the offline version of your websites. That’s why more uptime (preferably 99.9% or more) is essential for the success of your websites. Third you need to check if the websites hosted by A2hosting.com CMS Hosting services have fast page loading speeds. Fast page loading speeds are essential for the success of your websites. People like to visit and stick to websites which load fast and they avoid websites which take forever to load. So if your websites are too slow, chances are you are losing a lot of website visitors and customers. That’s why you need to check and pay for any extra services that offer fast page loading speeds like Turbo servers (Probably Lite Speed servers) and any caching services offered by the company. And finally you need to check the reviews of A2Hosting.com CMS Hosting services in search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing with search terms like “A2Hosting CMS Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting.com CMS Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting CMS Web Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting.com CMS Web Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting CMS Hosting”, “A2Hosting.com CMS Hosting”, “A2Hosting CMS Web Hosting”, “A2Hosting.com CMS Web Hosting”, “A2Hosting.com Content Management System Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting Content Management System Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting.com Content Management System”, “A2Hosting Content Management System Hosting”, “A2Hosting Content Management System”, “A2Hosting.com Content Management System Hosting” etc and go through each and every search result and see what they are saying about the quality of the CMS Hosting services offered by A2Hosting.com web hosting and domain name registrations company.

We have provided some of the most reliable Web Hosting providers list below for you to choose from, for your WebHosting needs:

Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners may receive commissions from web hosting companies if you buy the services from the links provided here, you may learn more about it HERE.

Best Shared Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. HostGator 3. BlueHost 4. DreamHost 5. HostMonster 6. SiteGround 7. HawkHost

Best WordPress Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. LiquidWeb 3. HostGator 4. BlueHost 5. DreamHost 6. SiteGround 7. HawkHost

Best Reseller Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. HostGator 3. SiteGround 4. HawkHost

Best VPS Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. HostGator 3. LiquidWeb 4. WiredTree 5. BlueHost 6. DreamHost 7. StormOnDemand 8. KnownHost 9. DigitalOcean 10. Vultr 11. HostMonster 12. HawkHost

Best Dedicated Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. LiquidWeb 3. HostGator 4. StormOnDemand 5. WiredTree 6. BlueHost 7. DreamHost 8. SiteGround 9. KnownHost 10. HostMonster

Best Cloud Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. DigitalOcean 2. Vultr 3. RackSpace 4. A2Hosting 5. LiquidWeb 6. StormOnDemand 7. HostGator 8. CloudWays 9. BlueHost 10. DreamHost 11. SiteGround

Best SSD Web Hosting Companies:

1. DigitalOcean 2. Vultr 3. LiquidWeb 4. A2Hosting 5. WiredTree 6. KnownHost 7. DreamHost 8. StormOnDemand 9. SiteGround

You need a Domain Name and a Web Hosting account to start your own website like this. Here are some Web Hosting Reviews of various companies which offer great Web Hosting services.

Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners may receive commissions from web hosting companies if you buy the services from the links provided here, you may learn more about it HERE.

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