A2Hosting eCommerce Hosting Review

A2Hosting Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrations company also offers eCommerce Hosting for their customers. Actually it’s not a separate web hosting plan dedicated to eCommerce Hosting but the general shared web hosting plans which have and support various eCommerce software scripts offered by the company. If you want to install eCommerce shopping carts on your websites all you have to do is select a shared web hosting plan like “Lite” or “Swift” or “Turbo” (we prefer “Turbo” shared web hosting plan because it offers turbo servers and a2 optimized caching) or any other hosting plans like Reseller, Cloud, Cloud VPS, VPS and Dedicated server hosting and sign up for it and install your favorite eCommerce cart (with shared web hosting plans you would get 51% off by using the Discount Coupon Code “QUICK51” on your first invoice payment). Some of the features you get with A2Hosting eCommerce hosting are 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Free Content Delivery Network, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, US, European & Asian Locations, Unlimited Storage & Transfer, A2 Optimized – Site Boost Option, 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support, Turbo Option – Up To 20X Faster etc.

Some of the eCommerce Cart Software scripts offered by A2Hosting eCommerce Hosting are “PrestaShop” (Easily create your online store with PrestaShop’s free shopping cart software. Quickly start selling your product online with hundreds of PrestaShop’s powerful features), “WooCommerce” (A freely available WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create an eCommerce site. WooCommerce offers a number of extensions for enhanced functionality and beautiful themes), “Magento” (Magento is the eCommerce software solution and platform trusted by some of the world’s top brands. Trust Magento to help you grow your online business), “VirtueMart” (VirtueMart is a highly configurable and multi-language shopping cart solution for Joomla. With a large number of additional extensions, VirtueMart is very extensible to meet your online store needs), “AbanteCart” (AbanteCart is a free, PHP-based ecommerce platform. AbanteCart provides the ideal ecommerce solution for small to medium-sized businesses), “CS-Cart” (CS-Cart is a secure and full-featured shopping cart software solution with a complete set of powerful ecommerce features. CS-Cart provides the means to create your own online shop with minimal effort), “CubeCart” (CubeCart is perfect for retailer seeking to run an online store or a developer wanting to create an ecommerce solution for their client. CubeCart provides a powerful and free ecommerce solution allowing thousands of merchants around the world to sell their digital or physical products online), “WHMCS” (WHMCS is a comprehensive management, billing and support software solution for Web Hosting automation. WHMCS puts you in control of everything including signups, terminations and account provisioning), “LiteCart” (LiteCart is an online store-builder package perfect for site owners, designers and programmers. LiteCart allows you to focus on generating sales instead of making the different sections of your site work together), “OpenCart” (OpenCart is your fast, user-friendly and responsive eCommerce solution. OpenCart’s intuitive control panel ensures you have complete control over your store) etc.

Some of the other eCommerce Software Scripts offered by A2Hosting.com eCommerce Hosting are “Avactis” (Avactis is a full featured eCommerce software solution. Simply add your products, adjust your prices, select the delivery options and begin selling), “SurfShopCart” (SurfShopCart is a rock-solid cart based on Perl and MySQL. SurfShopCart makes it easy to get your eCommerce site up and running), “Shopware” (Shopware is a very flexible, powerful and customizable eCommerce solution for quickly and easily creating an online shop. Shopware has a user friendly interface and backend making it the perfect choice for users, designers, developers and decision makers), “Ubercart” (Ubercart is an exciting open source e-commerce shopping cart. It fully integrates with Drupal providing an amazing combination for users who want to build a community around their product, sell access to their content, offer paid downloads and more), “ZeusCart” (ZeusCart is a highly stable, open source shopping cart designed so even a non-technical person can open an online store. ZeusCart features a number of marketing features to help maximize your sales, promote repeat purchases and increase the level of customer satisfaction), “Zen Cart” (Zen Cart is a free and user-friendly shopping cart solution that defines the art of eCommerce. It was designed and developed by a group of like-minded shop owners and developers who agreed that eCommerce should be and could be done differently), “X-Cart” (X-Cart is a free shopping cart software and solution designed for high‑performing online stores. X-Cart is user-friendly, easy to maintain and is easy to modify), “TomatoCart” (TomatoCart is a powerful and flexible open source shopping cart solution. It is designed to offer a great user experience on all digital devices), “ShopSite” (ShopSite Shopping Cart is a user-friendly shopping cart solution designed for small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses. ShopSite’s intuitive interface means you can have your site online within 15-minutes), “osCommerce” (osCommerce provides the tools you want for your own complete and self-hosted online store. Use osCommerce to market and securely sell your products and services to customers located worldwide), “Open eShop” (Using Open eShop means you can have a fully functional digital goods store you can use to sell music, ebooks, software or any other product you want. Build your digital goods store in a matter of minutes with Open eShop) etc.

So far you have seen the eCommerce Software Scripts and their features offered by A2Hosting.com eCommerce Hosting service but before you choose A2Hosting for your eCommerce shopping cart hosting you may need to do some research to make sure you are choosing the right solution for your eCommerce Hosting needs. First you need to check if the company offers any money back guarantee on their eCommerce Hosting Services (just the general shared web hosting plans and other hosting services that offer and support the eCommerce shopping carts). The company offers a Anytime money back guarantee but please check with their support for more information on the guarantee also it’s a good idea to check their Terms and Policies as far as money back guarantee is concerned). A Money Back Guarantee gives you peace of mind and the ability test the quality of the hosting services offered within the guarantee period and then decide whether to keep using the services or cancel and go somewhere else for better services. Second you need to check if the company offers any uptime guarantee like 99.9% uptime guarantee or more. These days almost all the quality web hosts offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and it has become the industry standard for quality web hosting service, that’s why you should choose a web host which offers a minimum of 99.9% uptime guarantee. More uptime means more activity on the website resulting in more leads or sales. Third you need to check if the company can offer and deliver fast page loading speeds for your websites. People like to visit and stick to websites which load fast and respond within 2 to 3 seconds to their queries. If your websites take forever to load (like 10 seconds and more), they may get impatient and leave your websites and go and visit some other websites which load faster for their needs. Fast page loading speeds are important for the success of your websites. Fourth and final step is to check the reviews of A2Hosting eCommerce Hosting reviews in top 3 search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing with search terms like “A2Hosting eCommerce Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting.com eCommerce Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting eCommerce Web Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting.com eCommerce Web Hosting Review”, “A2Hosting eCommerce Hosting”, “A2Hosting.com eCommerce Hosting”, “A2Hosting eCommerce Web Hosting”, “A2Hosting eCommerce Web Hosting”, “A2Hosting eCommerce Review”, “A2Hosting.com eCommerce Review”, “A2Hosting.com eCommerce Web Hosting” etc and go visit each and every website displayed in the search results and see what they are saying about the quality of the eCommerce Hosting services offered by A2Hosting.com.

We have provided some of the most reliable Web Hosting providers list below for you to choose from, for your WebHosting needs:

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1. A2Hosting 2. HostGator 3. BlueHost 4. DreamHost 5. HostMonster 6. SiteGround 7. HawkHost

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1. A2Hosting 2. LiquidWeb 3. HostGator 4. BlueHost 5. DreamHost 6. SiteGround 7. HawkHost

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Best VPS Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. HostGator 3. LiquidWeb 4. WiredTree 5. BlueHost 6. DreamHost 7. StormOnDemand 8. KnownHost 9. DigitalOcean 10. Vultr 11. HostMonster 12. HawkHost

Best Dedicated Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. A2Hosting 2. LiquidWeb 3. HostGator 4. StormOnDemand 5. WiredTree 6. BlueHost 7. DreamHost 8. SiteGround 9. KnownHost 10. HostMonster

Best Cloud Server Web Hosting Companies:

1. DigitalOcean 2. Vultr 3. RackSpace 4. A2Hosting 5. LiquidWeb 6. StormOnDemand 7. HostGator 8. CloudWays 9. BlueHost 10. DreamHost 11. SiteGround

Best SSD Web Hosting Companies:

1. DigitalOcean 2. Vultr 3. LiquidWeb 4. A2Hosting 5. WiredTree 6. KnownHost 7. DreamHost 8. StormOnDemand 9. SiteGround

You need a Domain Name and a Web Hosting account to start your own website like this. Here are some Web Hosting Reviews of various companies which offer great Web Hosting services.

Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners may receive commissions from web hosting companies if you buy the services from the links provided here, you may learn more about it HERE.

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