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One.com Web Hosting Service

One.com Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrations company offers one Web Hosting Plan. The Web Hosting plan is priced at $1.89 per month (1 year free web hosting, setup fee $13.80 without VAT) and comes with features like 15 GB Hosting Space (Disk Space), Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer (Bandwidth), Web Editor (No Coding), WordPress, Unlimited Email accounts, Domain, Bix, Web Editor, 24/7 Chat support, SSL, Statistics, Gallery, Blog, 1-click WordPress, SSH & FTP, PHP & MySQL, Google AdWords, Personal email address, Unlimited Email accounts, Calendar, Address book, Webmail, Virus- and spam filter, IMAP and POP3, Exchange Active Sync (Beta), Your own domain, Anycast DNS, DNS management, Bix, Online backup, Sync, Share, Access, Mobile and more. With One.com web hosting plan you would get a Web Editor which requires no coding from you. All you have to do is select a template and edit it easily with the web editor and make it your own by adding images, pages and content related to your website.

With One.com Web Hosting Plan you would get several features like 24/7 chat support, which is always available for you whenever you need assistance for your questions and issues. You can also send contact them via email and they will answer you within 24 hours. You would also get SSL service for your website, to encrypt the data between your website and visitors and keep sensitive information safe. With statistics feature you would get to know your visitors more closely, see where they comes from and how much time they spend on your website. With Gallery you can publish your images online and make them good on any device. You can share the photos with everyone or create a private album. With 1-click WordPress you can install your WordPress blog in a few clicks and start blogging in no time. Create Unlimited Email Accounts and organize all of them via control panel. And with Virus- and spam filter you can protect your emails against viruses and keep your inbox free of spam, and with spam filters you can adjust them to your needs and there are several other features.

So far you have seen the Web Hosting plan features, their prices offered by One.com web hosting and domain name registrations company. But before you go ahead and sign up with them for the web hosting plan you may want to do some research to make sure you are signing up with the right company which provides quality services. First you will need to check if the company offers any money back guarantee on their web hosting plan. A money-back guarantee like 30 days moneyback guarantee will give you the ability to test their products for the full money back guarantee period. You can then decide whether to continue using their product or stop and look somewhere else for your needs. Second, you should check if the company offers any up time guarantee like 99.9% up time guarantee or more. A minimum of 99.9% up time guarantee is what you need for the success of your blog/ website or online store. Your website should be online most of the time for your customers to use it. If your website is offline most of the time you would lose your visitors and potential customers. Third, you should check if the websites hosted by One.com web servers have fast page loading speeds. Fast page loading speeds are important for your customers to feel comfortable with the website. And finally you should check the reviews of One.com web hosting plan in the top search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing with search terms like “One.com Web Hosting Reviews”, “One.com Web Hosting Plan Reviews”, “One.com Hosting Reviews”, “One.com Web Hosting Service Reviews” etc and go through the search results and see what people are saying about the quality of the web hosting service offered by One.com.

Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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You need a Domain Name and a Web Hosting account to start your own website like this. Here are some Web Hosting Reviews of various companies which offer great Web Hosting services.
Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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