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Web.com Online Marketing Services

Web.com Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrations company also offers a few Online Marketing Services. The services the company offers are: 1. Ignite Online Marketing 2. Facebook Boost 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4. Pay Per Click Marketing 5. Local Leads 6. Online Visibility Report. The first one “Ignite Online Marketing” works out by putting your business information in several places online where your customers are searching. Web.com promotes your business in all the major directories online, meaning more exposure to your business. The experts at Web.com make sure your business is listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and is listed in GPS devices and appears on Facebook Pages and and the online yellow pages and several other places. Some of the other features of the service are Get your business promoted in all the places your customers go online, Give your potential customers the right information about your business while they are searching on Google, Access to SEO Web expert consultants to assist with your online marketing and more.

Web.com’s second online marketing service “Facebook Boost” works out by getting you more Facebook fans. The Web.com social media experts will work to increase your visibility in your target market and engage in a relationship with your customers. If you don’t have a Facebook page or are not happy with what you have, they will build a page that gets you a following. They professionally market your new Facebook page to get you likes, targeting people who will be interested in your business. They keep these new fans interested and talking about your business by frequently updating your content. The third Online Marketing Service “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” will help you get more customers via search engine organic traffic. Let Web.com’s SEO experts develop & execute a plan to improve your SEO rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The Full Service Search Engine Optimization is priced starting at $300 per month and comes with features like Dedicated SEO Expert, Site Fix, Link Building, Tangible Results, Repair Broken Code, Content Optimization, Build Links, Tracking & Reporting and more.

Web.com’s fourth online marketing service “Pay Per Click Marketing” is for those who want to get their PPC campaigns run by PPC Experts at web.com, thereby boost their website traffic.┬áDrive targeted leads to your business with Web.com managed Pay Per Click (PPC) Online Marketing Service. Some of the other features of this service are Access to web.com PPC Web.com experts for one-on-one consultations, Qualified leads to drive potential customers to your website, Ongoing campaign optimization that works with any budget, Access to Google through Web.com as a Google Premier SMB Partner. The Plan of a PPC campaign works like this: Review Your Objectives, Get Your Customized PPC Advertising Plan, Track Your Results, Ongoing Campaign Improvements. The fifth online marketing service “Local Leads” is for those who want to get more customers via search marketing and local search engine optimization. With this service you would get to talk to a dedicated account manager who knows you, your business and your goals. With the strategy the experts at Web.com follow you would soon see a hike in the leads you would get.

Web.com’s sixth online marketing service “Online Visibility Report” is priced at $10 a year and lets you make sure customers can find accurate information about your business online with Web.com’s Online Visibility Report. So far you have seen the different online marketing services offered by Web.com company and their prices and features. But to make sure you are taking the right step, before you decide to sign up with the company for any of these services you will have to do some research first. First, you will have to check if the services you want to sign up with are really worth the effort. Second, you should check if the company offers any money guarantee on these services like 30 day money back guarantee. If offered, the money back guarantee gives you peace of mind and the ability to test the services for the full money back guarantee period. Then you can decide whether to continue or stop using these services. And finally, you should check the reviews of these services in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing with search terms like “Web.com Online Marketing Services Reviews”, “Web.com Online Services Reviews”, “Web.com Marketing Services Reviews”, “Web.com PPC Services Reviews”, “Web.com SEO Services Reviews”, “Web.com Facebook Boost Reviews” etc and see what people are saying about the quality of the services offered by Web.com.

Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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Disclosure: We buyhosting.tv owners receive compensation from web hosting companies for REFERRALS.

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