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Please note that from now on we use the word “We” and “Our” to mean “The Owners of the website BuyHosting.TV”, “You” to mean “You or any other visitors like You who visited our Website”, “Our Website” to mean https://www.buyhosting.tv, “Companies or Web Hosting companies” to mean “The companies whose affiliate links we listed on our website BuyHosting.TV or whose products or services we reviewed or provided information about on our website BuyHosting.TV”, “Affiliate Networks” to mean “Companies like ImpactRadius.com, CommissionJunction.com, ShareASale.com etc”, “Ad Networks” to mean “Companies like Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, Chitika etc”, “Visitor Statistics companies” to mean “Website visitor traffic reporting websites like StatCounter, Whos.amung.us, Google Analytics etc.

We provide the referral links (affiliate links) of various reliable Web Hosting providers throughout our website and when a visitor like you clicks any of those links and visits the Web Hosting company’s website and then buys the products or services (like Web Hosting services, Domain Names and other related products and services) then we may get paid commissions by the Web Hosting company based on the product or service and as per the affiliate agreement we have with the company. This is called Affiliate Marketing, and the website owners of BuyHosting.TV (We) are called Affiliates. By clicking and visiting the affiliate links put on this website and then purchasing the products or services offered by those Web Hosting companies or any other companies, you are not going to lose anything, not even a single buck. In fact, you may even save a few bucks on the actual prices of the products or services offered by the companies listed here by making use of the discount coupon codes and promotional offers provided by us on the website from time to time. The reason we are putting affiliate links on the website is we need to cover costs for the Web Hosting service bills, Domain Name yearly fees and other products and services we purchase from other companies or individuals to keep this website up and running.

But we assure you, We take as much care as possible to provide you with the lists of some of the most reliable (quality) and affordable Web Hosting and other products and services offered by the companies. But please understand no single service provider can satisfy 100% of their customers. Even some of the biggest and most reliable companies sometimes fail to provide quality products or services. What we gave on the website (the lists of companies which have our affiliate links) are some of the most reliable companies which provide quality products and services. You shouldn’t be disappointed with most of these companies’ services listed here, most of the time. But if you do experience any problems, you will then have to contact the particular company via their support channels and try to sort out your problems by taking their help. We (the owners of BuyHosting.TV) cannot and will not assist you in solving the problems you may face after purchasing the products or services from any of the companies whose affiliate links we have listed on the website. Please only buy the products or services offered by the companies whose affiliate links we have listed on the website here (by which the owners of this website may get paid commissions if any visitors like you visit the affiliate links and buy products or services from the companies, subject to successful tracking by the affiliate networks or companies themselves) once you have done your own research about the quality, reliability, pricing and other policies of those companies and are thoroughly satisfied with the choice you are making. Please don’t make us liable for your purchasing decisions. We are only giving the lists of some companies which offer the products you may need, which we think are reliable, quality, affordable and value for money. The final decision regarding whether to purchase a product or service from the affiliate links of the companies listed on the website is yours and we (the owners of BuyHosting.TV website) are not liable for any purchasing or subscribing decisions you make from the companies listed here on the website.

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